a)         Students are expected to have 100% attendance.

b)         Relaxation of maximum 10% may be allowed to cater for sickness or other valid reasons beyond the control of the students for which written permission of Commandant is mandatory.

c)          A student whose attendance is less than 90%, whatever may be the reason for shortfall, will not be permitted to appear in the Examination.

d)         Under extreme special circumstances, Commandant may condone attendance below 90% on case to case basis on the recommendation of Chief Coordinator.

e)         If a student is continuously absent for a period of TEN days without permission, a notice will be sent to the parents / guardian with intimation to Commandant by Chief Coordinator.

f)          If a student remains absent continuously for 30 days without permission, his name will be struck off the roles. Such a student may apply for re-admission. The student granted readmission will be required to pay the prescribed re-admission fee and will be governed by Academic Regulations.




a)            If a student is sent by the Institution for an OD, the student may be given advantage of it in attendance. The OD can be given equal weightage from the attendance point of view. The procedure for granting OD is available with Commandant/ Chief Coordinator.

b)            OD will be part of already permissible 10% absence. No OD would be given for the following:-

(i)               For practice session or as audience for sports matches, cultural programs etc.

(ii)             For academic project, whatsoever may be the nature.

(iii)            After the event is over or the class already held whichever is earlier.

(iv)           For consulting books in library for preparation of any competitions / assignments.

(v)             Appearing in any competitive examination / back papers.

c)          OD should not exceed more than 5% of the total classes planned for a course.

d)            For getting OD, the student has to submit an application for recommendation by the faculty deputed for the activity for final approval by Commandant duly recommended by Chief Coordinator.

e)            There will be No cases of either recommendation or expost facto sanction of ODs.




a)         Mobile/ wireless electronic devices of any nature are not permitted during any academic activity.

b)         Students will stick to the seating scheme of the activity.

c)          Students will not disrupt in any manner and will actively participate in the activity.

d)         Students will neither damage nor deface any facility / fixtures in the premise nor will allow any other person to do so.

e)         Students will give proper regards to the faculty/ lab technicians/ lab attendants and other staff members.

f)          Punctuality will be ensured by all.


Dress Code.  It is pertinent that appropriate dress as per the activity be worn by all students and staff members. Dress should be decent and appropriate for the professional institution at all occasions. The students and staff have to represent the Academy in the best possible light at all times. The dress code being separately issued would be followed by all staff members and students of the college.

a)         Informal Dress. Graceful informal dress will be worn when specified. 

(i)                     Male staff and students are expected to wear pants/Jeans with half/full sleeve collared shirts/Collared plane T-shirts neatly tucked in. Sikh students will wear turban. No parnas/ patkas/ T-shirts with slogans or comments, pajamas, Slippers are allowed in the academic areas.

(ii)                   Female staff is expected to wear traditional churidar/salwar-kameez/long kurtis/ Loose jeans with collared plane T-shirts. Wearing of dupatta/shawl is must. Short Salwar/kameez/T-shirts with slogans or comments,  pajamas, Slippers are strictly forbidden. 

(iii)                  Dress for the Lab and Workshop classes would be as per concerned departmental orders on the subject.

b)            Displaying of Academy ID card is mandatory in the campus. During examinations, admit cards will be carried in addition.

c)             The above dress code is applicable for all students irrespective of year or branch. 

d)            The students improperly dressed for any occasion will be fined Rs 50/- for every occasion. The HoD will institute method of checking the dress during the forenoon classes and list of defaulters in writing would be sent to the Commandant before closing time of the day duly authenticated by the Chief Coordinator. The fine will be cleared by the students before they are permitted to appear in the following test/ exam.

e)            The students must check the Notice Boards from time to time. Everyone will follow the directions, displayed by the college/staff/department on the Notice Boards. Ignorance is not acceptable.

f)              Use of internet for the purpose other than academic related activities is banned in the Academy campus.




a)         Students will abide by the schedule given for all activities in the hostel and mess.

b)         Hostel and Mess staff will be given due respect.

c)          Any complaints/suggestions will be given to the mentor. No one will get into any kind of altercation/ confrontation with staff.

d)         Cupboard discipline will be maintained.

e)         Students will be required to carry out personal make and mend parade on Saturdays during appointed timings.

f)          Food wastages will be avoided.

g)         Highest level of personal hygiene must be maintained.

h)         Students will be required to learn and practice table manners.

i)           Students will not disrupt in any manner and will actively participate in the hostel and mess duties as given.

j)           Students will neither damage or deface any facility / fixtures in the premise nor will allow any other person to do so




a)         Every student enrolled in the Academy shall be under disciplinary control of the Commandant.

b)         At the time of admission, every student shall be required to sign a declaration that on admission, he submits himself to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Commandant and several authorities of the Academy who may be vested with the authority to exercise discipline under the Acts, the Statutes, the Ordinances, the Regulations and Guidelines that have been framed therein by the Academy.

c)          Without prejudice to the generality of the power to maintain and enforce discipline under these Regulations, the following shall amount to act of indiscipline or misconduct on the part of a student.

(i)         Physical assault or threat to use physical force against any member of the teaching and non-teaching staff and against any student within the campus

(ii)       Without written permission remaining absent from the class, test/examination or any other curricular or

(iii)      Co-curricular activity which he is expected to participate in

(iv)     Carrying of, use of or threat to use of any kind of weapons

(v)       Misbehavior or cruelty towards any other student, teacher or any other employee of the Academy.

(vi)     Use of drugs or other intoxicants except those prescribed by a qualified doctor

(viii)  Any violation of the provisions of the Civil Rights Protection Act, 1976

(ix)     Indulging in or encouraging violence or any conduct which involves moral turpitude

(x)       Any form of gambling

(xi)     Discrimination against any student or a member of staff on grounds of caste, creed, language, place of origin, social and cultural background or any of them

(xii)    Practicing casteism and untouchability in any form or inciting any other person to do so

(xiii)      Any act, whether verbal or otherwise, derogatory to women

(xiv)      Smoking, use of narcotics, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages

(xiii)  Any attempt at bribing or corruption of any manner or description

(xiv)  Willful destruction of the property of the Institution.

(xv)    Behaving in rowdy, intemperate or disorderly manner in the premises of the Academy, or encouraging or inciting any other person to do so.

(xvi)   Creating discord, ill-will or intolerance among the students on sectarian or communal grounds or inciting any other student to do so

(xvii)Causing disruption of any manner of the academic functioning of the Academy

(xviii)     Indulging in or encouraging any form of disruptive activity connected with tests, examinations or any other activity of the college

(xix)   Ragging in any form

(xx)    Violation of the status, dignity and honour of students, in particular female students and those belonging to a SC/ST/OBC

(xxi)   Any practice whether verbal or otherwise, derogatory to women Verbal abuse, mental or physical torture, aggression, corporal punishment, harassment, trauma, indecent gesture and obscene behavior of students

(xxii)Indulging in or encouraging in bunking or using threatening language/ threat to other students to do so

d)         The Commandant may amend or add to the list of Act of Indiscipline, Misconduct and misbehavior under Clause above.





a)      Without prejudice to the generality of his powers relating to the maintenance of discipline and taking such action in the interest of maintaining discipline as deemed appropriate by him the Commandant, Chief coordinator as the case may be, may in the exercise of their powers aforesaid, order or direct that any student

(i)         be expelled from the institution, in which case he shall not be re-admitted to the institution from where he is expelled but it shall not preclude his admission to any other institution with the prior approval of the Commandant; or

(ii)       be, for a stated period, rusticated in which case he shall not be admitted to the college, till expiry of the period of rustication; or

(iii)      be not, for a stated period, admitted to a course or courses of study of the Academy; or

(iv)     be imposed with the fine of a specified amount of money; or

(v)       be debarred from taking an examination for one or more years.

b)      The Commandant, in exercise of his powers aforesaid or on the recommendations of the Chief Coordinator, may also order or direct that the result of the student concerned of the examination at which he has appeared, be cancelled.


2.     RAGGING


a)         Ragging, in any form being illegal as per the decision of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, is strictly prohibited within the premises of the Academy, its Hostels, Departments and any part of the campus as well as on public transport system. Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline and shall be dealt with under these Regulations.

b)          The acts or practices of ragging

(i)                     Physical assault or threat and/or use of physical force

(ii)                   Violate the status, dignity and honour of female students

(iii)                  Expose students to ridicule and contempt and affect their self esteem

(iv)                 Entail verbal abuse and aggressions, indecent gestures and obscene behavior

(v)                   Compelling new comers to indulge in activities amounting to dangerous stunts/ indecent acts

(vi)                 Forcing junior/newly joined students to parade and stage entertainment

(vii)                Imposing financial burden by way of forced celebrations and hosting

(viii)              Creating rowdy scenes through forcible acts and thus compelling the juniors to participate

(ix)                 Forcing the new comers to create noisy and disorderly scene.

(x)                   Tease, crack rough jokes and engage in rough play against companions and specially the freshers.

(xi)                 Be noisy and riotous and thus disturbing the peace and tranquility of the Campus.

  c)    Abetment to ragging whether by way of any act, practice, or incitement of ragging will also amount to ragging.




a)            On receipt of a report or a determination by the relevant authority under these Regulations disclosing the occurrence of ragging incidents described in these regulations by the Commandant or by any authority under these Regulations, the student(s) involved in ragging, shall be expelled for a specified term, designated in the order. Non -students involved in reports of ragging will be proceeded with under the criminal law of India. Ex-Students involved in ragging and against whom necessary action is taken under these provisions, will also be rendered ineligible for a period of three years from seeking enrolment. They will, however, be given post decisional hearing, with strict adherence to the law of natural justice.

a)            In case any student who has obtained degree/diploma is found guilty; under these Regulations, appropriate action will be taken under the provisions of the Statutes and Regulations relating to Conduct of Examinations.